Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Your mind is a dangerous thing to pollute;
Once it's there, it's everywhere.
You can't escape it.
When you fall into the trap, it'll call you back;
Tell you there's nothing that you lack.
But deep down you know it's not right.
You wonder and cry when no one's in sight.
"How did it get to this?"
It's diss after diss.
"I can't be this person anymore!"
It's your heart that's starting to feel sore.
It started in your mind.
Now it's in your heart, you find.
All of a sudden the things you think are the things you say.
Are you starting to find "your own way"?
Don't you know that's just like everyone else?
Now, it's hard to breathe.
The doctor, it is time to see.
"I have some bad news to tell you.
What I say, I wish it wasn't true.
You're a rare case.
A peculiar race.
You see, some people can keep it in their head,
But you are a case we dread.
Some even keep it in their heart,
But you play a different part.
You let it slide into your words.
You let it really hurt.
I'm sorry to tell you,
But you don't have long to live.
Better call the family and tell them what you can give."
"Wait. Why can't I live?!
Isn't there something YOU can give?"
"I can cut out your tongue, for it has the power of life and death.
It was more brutal than meth.
It didn't just destroy you,
But others, too.
Remember that girl you called fat?
Right next to you she sat.
She's in ICU.
She's dying, too."
Everything starts to blur.
"Are you sure I have no cure?"
"I can cut out your tongue,
But the damage is already done.
It might buy you a day or two,
But I think it's too late for you.
Oh, we found another issue,
For this, you might need a tissue.
Remember that friend who hurt you?
There were only a few.
Well, we found it festering in your heart.
I guess you two just grew apart.
I'm sorry to say,
But we can only give you a few more days.
I hope you made peace with everyone
Because now your life is done."

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