Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Worth It

I have a few thoughts tonight that have been on my mind the past couple days. First, suicide. I know that it’s a tough place to be in, seeing as how I’ve been there myself. I know that’s it’s a downward cycle and pulls you fast. You’re on the verge of death before you can even stop and catch your breath and realize what’s happening. I get that. I’m not gonna tell you I know how you feel because you and I process things differently. But I do remember being in the place of “Forget everything. Forget life. Forget you. Forget myself. Let’s end it.” And not even realizing that I was in that place until I got out. But I want you to know that your life has so much more worth than that. I know a lot of people say it and may not mean it, but I do. You are forgiven – no matter what you’ve done. You are loved. You are worth it. You are worth everything. You are worth life itself. I know I talk about Jesus a lot, but I promise you that that’s the only One who got me through. Without Him, I would be dead by now. I promise. He gave up His life so that you could have life. He died so you didn’t have to. You are loved. 
The second thing I have to say is, “Girls, cover up!” Seriously. What’s the problem here? Is it so hard to be modest? Is it so hard to realize that you have worth beyond your bodies? Again, I know what it feels like to think that all you’re worth is what you look like and how other people view you. Again, I was wrong. And if you think that, you’re wrong. There are people that that is all they care about. But, you have worth. You have meaning. You are more than your body. While I know that some people – low people - will tell you you’re worth your looks, and not anything else. I can promise you it’s not true. Cover up. When your future husband comes walking around, do you want him to know that you don’t care who sees you? Do you want him to think that you don’t find yourself valuable? I doubt it. So, cover up.
Guys, same to you! Pull your pants up. I can tell you that, as a girl, I love when guys are modest. I love when guys aren’t conceited when they look good, but are confident, again, knowing they have worth.
So as I’m writing this, two songs comes to mind. Dirty and Left Out by The Almost and Amazing Because It Is by The Almost. Here are the links to them and I suggest you have some tissues ready cuz if you’re anything like my best friend or me, you’ll cry your eyes out.

Amazing Because It Is and Dirty and Left Out

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