Monday, October 31, 2011

All My Devotion Belongs To This Man

Straight up. I’ve been going through a rough time in my relationship with God. It’s been a dry spell. I haven’t wanted to talk to Him or read his Word. I still love Him with all of my heart, but it’s a dry spell. I’m listening to this song, “No Other Lovers” by Rick Pino (Listen Here), and it’s giving me chills as it plays, repeatedly. I’ve grown up in church and I strayed. I longed to be pleasant to this world, and not to God. I’ve come back to Him since then and hate these dry spells; however, listening to this song makes me realize how much I really do love Him. He’s my Lover! Rick Pino says, “You can take it all. Take it all. Just give me Jesus.” And it’s so easy to casually agree with that, but I feel that. You can take away every material possession I have gained in this world, but you cannot take my Lover from me. You can take of my crap. I don’t even care about it. That’s just fine as long as you let me have Jesus. “All my devotion belongs to this Man.” You can give me the things of this world, but nothing will compare to my love for God. All of my life I’ve given over to Him. So, “you can take it all. Just give me Jesus.”

Friday, October 14, 2011

Is This For Real?

Why do I keep seeing 13 year old girls saying, “Single again. Can I get anyone who won’t cheat?” Why? Why can’t you wait? Obviously he, and you, have a lot of growing up to do. Everyone used to tell me to enjoy being young. Don’t run to guys. Don’t rush it. I get it now. Good things come to those who wait. Why rush into a relationship with a guy who isn’t mature and isn’t willing to realize what a great thing he’s got when he’s got you? Why not wait for someone you truly love? Someone you can’t live without rather than someone who can live without you? You’re beautiful. Not just in looks. Beauty lies way deeper within than your appearance. Beauty lies within your heart. As you think your heart, so you are. You may think there’s no chance for someone to love you. You’ve ruined your chances of ever finding someone. Believe me, you’re not alone. I bet if you asked girls, and they were truly honest, they, at one time or another – whether now or before – felt the same way. I promise you this there is someone out there who will love you for you. Not for what you have done or what you’ll become.  When it’s God’s timing, the right man will come along. I seriously suggest listening to JJ Heller’s “What Love Really Means”. It will change your views.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

In Your Dreams

It was your everyday fairy tale. Boy sees girl from across the room. They slyly glance at each other the whole night through until, finally, their eyes meet. It was as if fireworks were exploding in his heart and butterfly city just came alive in the pit of her stomach. As they walked towards each other, eyes locked in place, all motion and noise in the room ceased. Or so it seemed. They introduced themselves and exchanged numbers. Though too shy to admit it, they both knew it was love at first sight. These two grew more and more fond of each other as the summer passed by. Most thought it was just a summer romance, but they knew they felt more. They spent almost every day together and the days not spent together were spent on the telephone with the other one on the other end. They grew so in love that no one and nothing could tear them apart. The carnival came to town one night. They went, hand in hand, with camera in her other hand. The night was spectacular. The weather was splendid! “Nothing could make this better,” she thought. In one quick movement, he was down on one knee, reaching into his pocket. He was telling her how amazing and beautiful he found her. He was saying that he couldn’t imagine his life without her and never wanted to. Then the words came flowing out of his mouth as their tears poured from both their eyes, “Will you be my bride?” he asked. Without even thinking she responded, “Yes! I thought you’d never ask!” the next day, they set a date. October 28th. The plans seemed to fall into place and before she knew it she was walking down the aisle, her daddy by her side, towards the love of her life. Her white dress, which she rightfully wore, reflected her beauty in a way no one had seen and her smile could light up a city. Their eyes, yet again, locked on each other. As the fireworks exploded in his heart and butterfly city came alive in her stomach the first time they spoke, and every time after that, they felt it again; but fifty times more intense. With tears welling up all of their eyes, her daddy said, “Her mother and I do,” and took his seat. As they gently took each other’s hands, their vows were spoken before family and friends and the two became one. As they kissed for the first time, she quickly awoke with a smile spreading from ear to ear. The smile quickly faded as she realized that it was all just a dream. As she gently brushed her bangs from her eyes, something caught her attention. What was that beautiful diamond set on her finger? She rolled over to find her prince charming lying next to her, watching her adore her ring and then him. He softly whispered, “I love you,” and it was then that she realized her love story had not ended, but just begun.