Friday, October 14, 2011

Is This For Real?

Why do I keep seeing 13 year old girls saying, “Single again. Can I get anyone who won’t cheat?” Why? Why can’t you wait? Obviously he, and you, have a lot of growing up to do. Everyone used to tell me to enjoy being young. Don’t run to guys. Don’t rush it. I get it now. Good things come to those who wait. Why rush into a relationship with a guy who isn’t mature and isn’t willing to realize what a great thing he’s got when he’s got you? Why not wait for someone you truly love? Someone you can’t live without rather than someone who can live without you? You’re beautiful. Not just in looks. Beauty lies way deeper within than your appearance. Beauty lies within your heart. As you think your heart, so you are. You may think there’s no chance for someone to love you. You’ve ruined your chances of ever finding someone. Believe me, you’re not alone. I bet if you asked girls, and they were truly honest, they, at one time or another – whether now or before – felt the same way. I promise you this there is someone out there who will love you for you. Not for what you have done or what you’ll become.  When it’s God’s timing, the right man will come along. I seriously suggest listening to JJ Heller’s “What Love Really Means”. It will change your views.

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