Monday, October 31, 2011

All My Devotion Belongs To This Man

Straight up. I’ve been going through a rough time in my relationship with God. It’s been a dry spell. I haven’t wanted to talk to Him or read his Word. I still love Him with all of my heart, but it’s a dry spell. I’m listening to this song, “No Other Lovers” by Rick Pino (Listen Here), and it’s giving me chills as it plays, repeatedly. I’ve grown up in church and I strayed. I longed to be pleasant to this world, and not to God. I’ve come back to Him since then and hate these dry spells; however, listening to this song makes me realize how much I really do love Him. He’s my Lover! Rick Pino says, “You can take it all. Take it all. Just give me Jesus.” And it’s so easy to casually agree with that, but I feel that. You can take away every material possession I have gained in this world, but you cannot take my Lover from me. You can take of my crap. I don’t even care about it. That’s just fine as long as you let me have Jesus. “All my devotion belongs to this Man.” You can give me the things of this world, but nothing will compare to my love for God. All of my life I’ve given over to Him. So, “you can take it all. Just give me Jesus.”

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